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Andrew Kelly Magician - Close Up Magic - Corporate Entertainment Ideas London

I've been obsessed with magic for the past 20 years after seeing a Magician at a family Wedding. I was drawn not necessarily into the tricks he was performing... but into how the magic made people feel. As a child, seeing a bunch of adults completely amazed and baffled drew me in to the art of magic. I was hooked.


From that point on I've been practicing every day with the simple goal of making people happy. I'm fortunate enough to be able to do this full-time and I truly enjoy meeting people and giving them memories to last a lifetime.


My performance style is relaxed. I don't force my "skills" onto people but instead try to keep things easy-going. I try to blend in with the room using nothing more than a pack of cards, some coins and a sense of humour. 


Please take a look around my website and if you feel that I could enhance an upcoming event of yours, please get in touch.



Firstly, welcome to my website. Thanks for passing by.

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Andrew performs the kind of magic that people want to see. The types of illusions that are quick, astonishing, baffling and visually stunning. His list of tricks is endless... varying from crazy card tricks that keep you on your toes... to magic with borrowed items such as rings, mobile phones & money.


Imagine seeing your wedding ring disappear right in front of you, only to appear immediately on Andrew's car keys in his pocket. Or thinking of somebody you will see in the near future... and Andrew pulls out an envelope containing a prediction of who you thought of. 


The mind-boggling nature of his magic, coupled with his warm & friendly presentation makes Andrew the ideal ice-breaker for events. His magic has seen him perform on the American daytime television show 'Ellen', in Los Angeles, garnering 4.5 million views on YouTube alone. He's also performed live on 'The Today Show' in New York to over 5 million viewers. As well as being in huge demand in the UK, Andrew also performs internationally, having taken bookings in Florida, Ibiza, Miami, Russia, New York, Norway, Portugal, The Bahamas, Iceland & Italy.

Clients book Andrew again & again because he is constantly developing as a performer. Magic is one of the oldest art forms in the world but it is also one of the most diverse. Andrew does everything that he can to ensure that his act is fresh, exciting and mind-blowing. 

Andrew Kelly Magician - Close Up Magic - Corporate Entertainment Ideas London
Andrew Kelly Magician - Close Up Magic - Corporate Entertainment Ideas London
Andrew Kelly Magician - Close Up Magic - Corporate Entertainment Ideas London



Having Andrew for your Wedding will quite simply give your big day the WOW factor. Performing at tonnes of Weddings each year, Andrew has the necessary experience needed in order to make your day truly unforgettable. His magic is suitable for all ages and so therefore acts as the perfect ice-breaker for the occasion. In addition, the reactions from his feats also lead to some fantastic photographs to go in your Wedding Album! As you'll see in the Testimonials section, many couples write to Andrew explaining that guests (days later) still talk about various tricks that he performed... and how he made the day unforgettable. It is because of this that he is in such high demand as a Wedding Magician. If you are thinking of hiring Andrew, the 3 recommended times are; During the Photographs, throughout the Wedding Breakfast or during the Evening Reception. Get in touch to enhance your Wedding!

Andrew Kelly Magician - Close Up Magic - Corporate Entertainment Ideas London

Andrew is in constant demand for private parties. Especially important birthdays such as 18th's or 40th's etc... If you have an audience of 20 or less, Andrew can perform a show to everyone at the same time. An intimate show like this is ideal if you are having a house party and would like some after-dinner entertainment. However if you are throwing a larger party with, say, 200 guests at a venue, Andrew can circulate the room mixing with various groups of people performing close-up miracles that will leave everybody speechless. Essentially, no event is too big or small! One aspect that makes Magic so appealing is that it is still a fairly rare artform. Therefore it is nice to have your guests entertained with something they have more than likely never seen before. Get in touch to make your next party truly stand out!


Andrew Kelly Magician - Close Up Magic - Corporate Entertainment Ideas London

Why not make your next Corporate Event truly stand out?

If you are in charge of arranging the next Corporate Party, contact Andrew to find out how his skills can enhance the event to make sure it is one to remember! Whether it is the annual Christmas party, evening drinks or sit-down meal... Stunning magic right in front of your eyes that you normally see on TV shows can really be that unique talking point among clients that you are looking for. Andrew has performed at tonnes of Corporate Events over the years, building solid relationships with companies that book him again and again for Christmas Parties, Golf Days, Trade Shows/Exhibitions, Hospitality Suites & Launch Events. Relax and allow Andrew to break the ice by astonishing clients with the most surreal Magic they've ever seen. Get in touch to book Andrew for your next Corporate Event!


Andrew Kelly Magician - Close Up Magic - Corporate Entertainment Ideas London
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